"Larry Samuelson, respected executive and former President of NAPA, brings high energy and thoughtful insights to his speaking engagements.

Larry is passionate about igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in each one of us, focusing his audience on their goals and commitments, and encouraging success.

Larry is both an entertaining story teller and an instructive teacher."

Nancy Vepraskas
President and CEO

Our Owner, Larry Samuelson also does many speaking engagements for sales and leadership teams that are facing the challenges that today's competitive marketplace presents.

His years of experience as a top executive at Fortune 500 companies, gives Larry great insight on ways to successfully meet these challenges.

Here are some of the topics that Larry addresses in his speaking engagements.


  • "Understanding the Value of a
    Consistent Corporate Culture"
  • "Dream Big: The Power of Partnership"
  • "Forty Successful Years"


  • "Good Advice I Never Got"
  • "The Power of Many"
  • "If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done…"


  • "Leadership in Difficult Times"
  • "Dream Big: The Power of Partnership"
  • "Game Changer"