At The Samuelson Company, we believe the first step to accomplishing your goals is defining them. We help our clients define the parameters by which they measure success for every aspect of their lives.

If you look up the word SUCCESS in the dictionary, you will find several definitions, most of which focus on two main concepts; wealth and/or accomplishment.

Dictionary Success Definition 1

The attainment of wealth, position, honor, or status gained through accomplishments or inheritance.

Dictionary Success Definition 2

The favorable or prosperous outcome of attempts or endeavors intended to accomplish certain goals.

We think the true definition of SUCCESS is much more than this.

Defining Success Parameters

We believe success can't be achieved unless you have defined the parameters by which you will measure it. Success is not dependent on the things we accumulate, but rather on the choices we make, and the paths we take, that ultimately determine whether we accomplish our goals.

Most businesses fail in part because they lose track of their purpose, how they define themselves and what they consider as being successful.

The Samuelson Company will help you not only define the parameters by which you measure success, but also help you achieve it!

Defining Success as a Leader

Defining Success is critical to being an effective leader. True leadership means having vision, purpose and goals. And in order to have these, you must be able to define each of them in terms of SUCCESS.

We know that you cannot lead others unless you know where you’re going. People are apprehensive about following someone who is unsure where they are headed.

Defining success is integral to effective leadership, because it creates clarity as to what success looks like and how it will be measured.