The Samuelson Company has helped many top executives and business owners map out and complete successful journeys, ensuring that their goals were achieved.

Below are just a few of these successful journeys.

"Over time I have grown to respect Larry’s unwavering loyalty, focus and professionalism. Larry brings all of these attributes to every discussion, project and engagement. I have known Larry’s support when we have developed a strategy and felt his focus in the execution of a strategy. When we have disagreed he is respectful and a good listener... Larry has coached executives in our Company with very positive results. As an executive coach and trusted advisor, Larry brings years of business experience that would be valuable to any entrepreneur or corporate executive..." Read more

Tim MacDonald
President and CEO
Ideal Supply Company, Limited, Ontario, Canada

"...As the CEO, I really needed an executive coach and real confidant. What I discovered in my time with Larry is even more than I could have asked for at any point in my career. He is a trusted advisor, coach, consultant, mentor and a discerning listener..." Read more

Heather Utzig
The Avenue Companies

"...Larry's expertise and keen insight provides me with perspective, thoroughness, innovation and confirmation; giving me the additional confidence that comes with thorough examination and exploration..." Read more

Mike LaMarra
President and CEO
Excelda Manufacturing

"...As a result, my career has been catapulted to a new level as I have become President and CEO of a very successful mid-sized manufacturer..." Read more

John Hanighen
President and CEO
Rostra Precision Controls, Inc

"Larry’s integrity and candor make him the magic mirror that every senior executive should keep in his/her pocket. I trust Larry with my professional and personal challenges. His objective viewpoints are sometimes painful to hear, but they are exactly what I need to hear. In my next career with Microsoft, I will continue to rely on Larry as my magic mirror who will always tell me the truth… " Read more

Yu (Cathy) Jiaop
Ph.D., M.B.A.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

"Larry’s keen ability to help executives grasp the true nature of their own potential completely altered my approach to a pending career change. believe that Larry’s attitude towards the importance of personal connections and helping others to succeed is at the root of his success, both during his career at Genuine Parts Company and as an advisor to individuals and businesses in search of their own respective goals… " Read more

Patrick M. Kinsella
Vice President
Endeavor Telecom

"...Simply put, Larry's perspective and insight have served to ground my decision making, and his guidance and actionable advice have made invaluable contributions to both my development as a business leader and a gentleman. Larry continues to build on his legacy of professional accomplishment by orchestrating a growing wake of individuals he leaves better off than before he had met them. " Read more

Gregory C. Johnson
Ameriprise Financial